Concrete Cleaning in Morristown, NJ 07960

concrete beforeconcrete after picBelow is a great before and after of a concrete pool patio cleaning job Terraclean recently performed.  Traditional power washing uses a wand that an operator swings back and forth.  Although this tool cleans pretty well, it leaves stripe marks in the concrete that are unsightly.  Our rotary surface cleaners clean perfectly evenly, leaving no stripes behind.  Anther bonus of this tool, is that during the cleaning process, 99% of the water is kept under the surface cleaner, which prevents the dirty water from going into the pool.  So, not only do you get a cleaner patio with Terraclean, but we don’t make your pool dirty in the process.

Stucco cleaning in Teaneck, NJ 07666

Stucco can be one of the most difficult surfaces to clean.  The problem is, most stucco that has been installed over the past fifteen years is very fragile.  Contractors typically use a foam backing board, and then “stucco” on a thin layer of cement.  This thin layer of cement is very brittle and will break and crack very easily.  Once it breaks or cracks, it is very difficult to repair it in such a way that it is unnoticeable.  Traditional power washing will likely damage this stucco.  The high pressure water will easily compromise any existing cracks or soft areas of the stucco.  Terraclean Power Washing uses an organic detergent to loosen the soil, mold and algae.  We then take a long handled soft bristle scrub brush and gently massage the stucco.  This removes all the dirt.  We then lightly power wash it with hot water.  The results are amazing.  Stucco is typically restored to near new condition without causing any damage.  Please visit for more details.  stucco beforestucco after

Safe Roof Cleaning in Wayne, NJ 07470

A roof gets dirty for one or all of the following reasons.  First and most commonly is the exposure to sun.  Typically, you will notice that the northern exposure of your roof is dirty, while southern exposures may remain clean.  This is because the northern exposures are constantly in the shade and rarely dry out.  Early morning dew creates moisture and mold and algae grown in that environment.  Typically, all northern exposure surfaces are dirtier than all other areas due to this lack of sun.  Secondly, a roof is likely to get dirty if there are overhead trees or branches.  The tree creates shade on the roof, which prevents the roof from drying out and causes mold and algae to grow.  The tree also drops debris on the roof creating roof stains.  Lastly, roofing manufacturers have removed most of the asphalt from the shingles and have replaced it with limestone.  This limestone is a perfect food source for mold, algae and moss.  So, you may notice any of these issues with your roof, algae (green) black streaks (dead algae), flat light green spots (lichen) and fluffy lime green spots (moss).  All are incredibly unsightly but more importantly, they are extremely damaging to your roof.  They literally eat away at your roof and if left untouched, they will eventually eat through the shingle.

Some companies lightly spray a chemical on the roof (soft washing) that removes these stains.  They are using a chemical which is harmful to the environment.  That is why they need to use masks on their face and spray the shrubs down with water while they are applying the chemical, to prevent from burning the landscape.  This process does work, but the lichen may take weeks to die and fall off.  They may also need to come back again for a second application.

Terraclean does not use the above process.  Terraclean first applies an organic detergent that is safe enough to wash your hands with.  This product loosens the algae, moss and lichen.  Next, we steam clean the roof with over 200 degrees.  This literally melts all of the debris off your roof and instantly the roof is perfectly clean without causing any damage.  There are no chemicals used, and the results are instant.  Terraclean cleans over a thousand roofs a year.  Please visit to learn more and watch our videos to see how its all done.roof  roofroofroof










Excavator Power Washing in Wyckoff, NJ 07481

Terraclean Power Washing, LLC. was called in to clean this large excavator.  At first thought, you may think that it must be very easy to power wash a machine like this.  ”Just blast away”, right?  The problem with blasting away is that there are many areas on a machine like this that you must be very careful cleaning, such as the hydraulic pump area.  If you just use a “home depot” style power washer, the cold water will not cut through the grease and as a result, you will have to get closer to the sensitive areas with the high pressure.  Terraclean applies an organic detergent that softens the grease.  We then use very hot water to “melt” the grease and grime off.  Hot water cleans much better than cold, and as a result, we do not use high pressure in sensitive areas.  This machine is over $100,000.00 and a cold water, high pressure wash can cause thousands of dollars.  Terraclean cleans vehicle fleets as well as machinery fleets.  We have the ability to bring the water to remote locations where water is unavailable.  For more information, please visit www.terracleanpowerwashing.comexcavator before excavator after hydrolic pump before hydrolic pump after

Tennis Court Cleaning in NJ

Tennis courts need to be professionally cleaned.  If you use traditional pressure washing, there will be many streaks in the playing surface and those streaks will be very obvious.  With proper equipment, the surface will look like new.  Terraclean uses organic detergent, hot water, and professional rotary surface cleaners.  Take a look at the before and after pics and visit our website for more information.

tennis court before pic

tennis court before pic

during cleaning
during cleaning

tennis court after pic

tennis court after pic


Stone Building Restoration in Englewood, NJ

Stone can be a very difficult surface to clean.  Most stone is very porous and as a result, absorbs liquid.  Because almost all liquid is dirty, the soil is brought into the stone.  When the moisture evaporates off, the soil is left behind, deep into the stone.  Traditional power washing will not clean the stone because it is only blasting off the dirt on the outside of the stone.  In an effort to clean the stone as well as possible, most operators blast away at the stone with as much pressure as possible, hoping it will clean the stone.  In doing so, they damage the stone and the cement joints between the stone.

Terraclean Power Washing, LLC. uses safe detergents that bond to the soil and pull it to the surface of the stone.  Then, we gently power wash the stone with hot water to remove as much soil as possible.  The result is typically near new restoration.  What’s important, is that no damage is done to the surface.  Here is a great example of an Englewood, NJ 100 year old stone building we recently restored.  Please visit for more information.

IMG_0009 IMG_0011

Interior Gutter Cleaning

Gutters play a very important role in keeping your home protected from the elements.  Gutters remove the high volume of water that comes from the roof during a rain storm.  The rain runs down the roof, and falls into the gutter.  The gutter then brings that water to the downspouts which empty the water either into a seepage pit, or expels the water down on the ground into your lawn.  If the gutters aren’t working properly due to them being clogged with debris, they can not function properly.  As a result, the water will spill over the gutter and drip down the side of the home.  The water will rot wood over time and cause damage.  It will also dump all of the water up against your foundation and saturate the ground, possibly allowing water to enter into your basement.  Proper maintenance on your gutters will ensure that they are working properly.\

Interior gutter cleaning is a routine maintenance service that involves cleaning debris out from the interior of the gutter using a combination of hand removal, leaf blowers and garden hoses. We then flush the gutter with water to ensure proper flow.  Our professional team members can even perform this service when you’re not home, making the scheduling much more convenient for yourself.  During the cleaning process, we make note of gutter problems and always supply you with a detailed estimate before performing repairs.

Throughout the course of the year, we recommend that gutters are cleaned six times per year. The first in March to clear out the debris left from winter so that they are ready for “April Showers”; The second cleaning in June to clean out all the oak tassels, seed pods, ragweed, “helicopters”, and other debris. The third in August to clear out the debris from summer storms, The fourth in late October, Fifth In November, and sixth in December during the heavy leaf season. this process will ensure your gutters are not only clean during the fall but are prepared properly for the winter. Terraclean’s interior gutter service can be performed from one to six times a year, depending upon your preference. Ask about our annual cleaning agreements. When you sign up, we’ll establish a regular cleaning schedule and you’ll never worry about gutter cleaning again!  Please visit for more information.6170814Untitled.jpgclean_gutter



Terraclean Power Washing of siding in Teaneck, NJ 07666

Terraclean Power Washing recently cleaned the exterior vinyl siding of this teaneck nj home.  At Terraclean, we first apply an organic detergent to the exterior surface of the home.  We then, scrub the surface with soft bristle brushes to remove all the soil.  We then gently rinse the home clean with hot water.  This is the safest, most effective cleaning process available.  The typical power washing process of applying bleach and blasting away is NEVER used at Terraclean.  No matter what the surface is, we clean it safely.

Many homeowners are aprehensive to hire your average power washing company because they are afraid they will do damage.  Your  average power washing company uses bleach and cold water high pressure as its process for “cleaning” your home.  This process is both damaging to the environment as well as your home.  The environment is damaged for two reasons.  One, the bleach can burn your shrubs and sterilize the soil.  Two, this process wastes a tremendous amount of water because the operator is power washing the entire time.  The high pressure blasting, can easily damage siding and or lift the siding which enables water to get behind the siding.  The high pressure also weakens and removes the soft caulking around windows, which also enables water to penetrate into the home.

At Terraclean, we use organic detergent (safe enough to wash your hands with), soft scrub brushes, and hot water rinsing (not blasting).  Like many surfaces, you have to apply a detergent and scrub it to properly clean it.  Think about your dishes, or your car, or your bathroom.  You don’t just spray water on these surfaces.  You apply a detergent, and then scrub it, and then rinse it or wipe it clean.  That’s how you clean, and that’s why we clean the same way.  We clean your exterior siding that way.  It is the safest most effective way to clean, guaranteed!!  Please visit to learn more.

vinyl before pic

vinyl before pic


scrubbing of siding

scrubbing of siding

vinyl after pic
vinyl after pic


Tips for Cleaning and Deck Maintenance

Before and After Deck Cleaning PhotoSpring is just around the corner and one of the most popular requests for us is deck maintenance. Decks are such a great place to hand out on and enjoy your backyard from.  When new, they are so beautiful and inviting.  Unfortunately, they weather quickly and can turn into an uninviting place to relax.  Annual deck washing will keep your deck looking clean.  Be sure not to “power wash” your deck or you may damage the wood.  The high pressure water can blow away the soft tissue of the wood and leave high and low spots in the wood.  It can also splinter the wood.  Be sure to apply an environmentally friendly wood cleaning detergent to the deck and then gently rinse the deck clean.  This will safely clean the deck.  After the wood has dried, you can oil or stain the deck.  This will protect the wood from the elements as well as restore the look to near new condition.  Proper maintenance will extend the life of your deck for many many years.  Clean, protect, and enjoy your deck!

Terraclean Power Washing is Always Improving

Terraclean is constantly making improvements.  Visit our website frequently to notice the changes.  If there is something you wish we had on our site, recommend it to us.  If there is a service you need that you don’t see, just ask us.  Thank you