Stone Building Restoration in Englewood, NJ

Stone can be a very difficult surface to clean.  Most stone is very porous and as a result, absorbs liquid.  Because almost all liquid is dirty, the soil is brought into the stone.  When the moisture evaporates off, the soil is left behind, deep into the stone.  Traditional power washing will not clean the stone because it is only blasting off the dirt on the outside of the stone.  In an effort to clean the stone as well as possible, most operators blast away at the stone with as much pressure as possible, hoping it will clean the stone.  In doing so, they damage the stone and the cement joints between the stone.

Terraclean Power Washing, LLC. uses safe detergents that bond to the soil and pull it to the surface of the stone.  Then, we gently power wash the stone with hot water to remove as much soil as possible.  The result is typically near new restoration.  What’s important, is that no damage is done to the surface.  Here is a great example of an Englewood, NJ 100 year old stone building we recently restored.  Please visit for more information.

IMG_0009 IMG_0011

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