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Tips for Cleaning and Deck Maintenance

Before and After Deck Cleaning PhotoSpring is just around the corner and one of the most popular requests for us is deck maintenance. Decks are such a great place to hand out on and enjoy your backyard from.  When new, they are so beautiful and inviting.  Unfortunately, they weather quickly and can turn into an uninviting place to relax.  Annual deck washing will keep your deck looking clean.  Be sure not to “power wash” your deck or you may damage the wood.  The high pressure water can blow away the soft tissue of the wood and leave high and low spots in the wood.  It can also splinter the wood.  Be sure to apply an environmentally friendly wood cleaning detergent to the deck and then gently rinse the deck clean.  This will safely clean the deck.  After the wood has dried, you can oil or stain the deck.  This will protect the wood from the elements as well as restore the look to near new condition.  Proper maintenance will extend the life of your deck for many many years.  Clean, protect, and enjoy your deck!