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Stucco cleaning in Teaneck, NJ 07666

Stucco can be one of the most difficult surfaces to clean.  The problem is, most stucco that has been installed over the past fifteen years is very fragile.  Contractors typically use a foam backing board, and then “stucco” on a thin layer of cement.  This thin layer of cement is very brittle and will break and crack very easily.  Once it breaks or cracks, it is very difficult to repair it in such a way that it is unnoticeable.  Traditional power washing will likely damage this stucco.  The high pressure water will easily compromise any existing cracks or soft areas of the stucco.  Terraclean Power Washing uses an organic detergent to loosen the soil, mold and algae.  We then take a long handled soft bristle scrub brush and gently massage the stucco.  This removes all the dirt.  We then lightly power wash it with hot water.  The results are amazing.  Stucco is typically restored to near new condition without causing any damage.  Please visit www.terracleanpowerwashing.com for more details.  stucco beforestucco after